Monday, September 20, 2021

California : Governor Gavin Newsom survives recall vote by overwhelming margin

I see I did not get this up, but Governor Gavin Newsom easily beat back the recall vote, winning with 63.2% -36.8% of the vote. Readers will not be surprised that the result was within a few points of his last election,. where Newsom got 61.9%. However, he did finish a bit below on total vote than in 2018, finishing about a million votes less. There are still ballots outstanding, so he may do someone better. The vote as of now is 6,765-521-3,921,187.

Larry Elder finished first in the replacement race with 47.5% of the cast ballots (2.8M) followed by Kevin Paffrath with a hair under 10%. But the leave it blank may actually win. We'll keep you posted. 

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