Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Ohio: Further information on potential Toledo City Council recall

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz and Attorney General Dave Yost are now looking to suspend Toledo Councilmembers Larry Sykes (D), Gary Johnson (D), Yvonne Harper (D) and Tyrone Riley (D), who have been arrested on federal bribery charges.

So far, there hasn't been an organized recall effort. Signatures are 25% of turnout for the office, but there are complications. Harper and Riley were both elected in 2019, which means they haven't hit the end of their one year grace period where no recalls can be held. 

Additionally,  Johnson won an at-large seat, so the total signatures needed is not clear. By comparison, Harper's seat would only need about 650. 

Update: Three of the four (Sykes, Harper and Riley) have agreed to a suspension. 

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