Thursday, July 9, 2020

Montana: Judge temporarily halts Stevensville Mayor recall set for August 4

A Judge has temporarily halted the recall of Stevensville Mayor Brandon Dewey, which is set for August 4Dewey is facing the recall over a contract for services with a tech provider. Dewey is arguing that the recall does not meet the state's malfeasance standard. The judge is hearing arguments on whether to allow the recall to continue.

The claim is that the $79,800 contract wasn't approved by the City Council. There was also petitions filed five petitions filed against Dewey from 2018-2019, though none met the state's malfeasance standard and all were tossed.

Update: The Election Commission has stated that it will not be able to get the recall on the August 4th ballot with the delay. It would have to be registered for November.

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