Sunday, June 7, 2020

Georgia: Lawsuit seeks to open up signature gathering for Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney recall

A lawsuit has been filed over the procedure being used in the recall of Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George Barnhill. Barnhill is facing a recall effort over his failure to file charges in the Ahmaud Arbery killing. Barnhill failed to charge two men for the killing of the unarmed Arbery, who was allegedly our jogging when chased and confronted three local men. Following the revelation of a video of the shooting, the case was removed from Barnhill's power.

Petitioners need nearly 24,000 signatures to get on the ballot in 90 days. Since Georgia is a malfeasance standard state, the petitioners need to meet the showing of cause requirement to get on the ballot.

Petitioners are asking a judge to remove the requirement that circulators must be eligible to vote in the recall. There are a good number of cases on this subject throughout the country.

Update: The law will not be enforced.

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