Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Texas: Mercedes Mayor and Commissioner recall petitions rejected by City officials with minimal details

An attempt to recall Mercedes Mayor Henry Hinojosa and Commissioner Leo Vilarreal is being held up by the City Manager despite  handing in more than 500 signatures (not clear how many are needed to get on the ballot).

The rejection seems very odd, as it does not spell out what requirements the petitioners failed to meet and in a meeting the City Manager refused to elaborate.

The petitioner was one of four people arrested at a City Council meeting after the majority of members began a process to censure and remove a freshman Commissioner, Leonel Benavidez, who has been critical of the majority of the council.

Having officials try to kill a recall before it gets to the ballot by exercising control over the process is not that unusual,  especially in Texas. Some more here and here.

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