Thursday, November 7, 2019

Ohio: Newton Falls Councilman, who lost in 1993 recall, survives recall vote and wins reelection

A very interesting result in Newton Falls, where Councilman and Acting Mayor John Baryak (D) survived a recall vote and also won reelection in a separate race at the same time.  The complaint against Baryak was a catch-all one of general misfeasance and failing to properly conduct city business.While there was no candidate in the recall, former Councilwoman Nancy Hoffman lost in the general election, with Baryak garnering 70% of the vote (I have yet to see vote totals for the recall on the election site). Hoffman and Councilman Phillip Beer and former Councilwoman Nancy Hoffman lead the recall effort. Hoffman is running against Baryak in the primary in May.

This unusual recall type (reelection and recall at the same time) is unusual, but we've seen it before, most notably in the 2008 recall and reelection of Michigan Speaker Andy Dillion.

Baryak had lost a recall in 1993, so he avoided joining the two-time recall loser club.

Newton Falls is no stranger to recalls, as Mayor Patrick Layshock lost in 2010 to Lyle Waddell.

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