Sunday, October 13, 2019

Georgia: Opinion piece calls into question basis for Hoschton Mayor, Councilman recall

A judge in Georgia has approved the recall effort against Hoschton Mayor Theresa Kenerly and Councilman Jim Cleveland, and this op-ed takes issue with whether the judge used an extremely elastic view of the malfeasance standard. Unlike many other opeds against recalls, this one is worth reading, as it deals with the specifics of Georgia's recall law, rather than whether recalls should be allowed at all.

This op-ed notes that the judge takes a very lenient view of malfeasance. Georgia requires that the recall meet a set of "for cause" requirements. The recall was started after Kenerly allegedly withheld consideration of a city administrator candidate because he was black. In an interview, Cleveland discussed his opposition to interracial marriage due to his "Christian beliefs."

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