Sunday, October 20, 2019

Colorado: Senate Majority Leader recall effort fails, with only 4 signatures handed in

Despite just claiming that they had enough signatures to get on the ballot, Republicans only turned in a protest four signatures for the recall of Senate President Leroy Garcia (D) -- they needed 13506.

The Colorado recall fights are now seemingly over, as four other attempted recalls against Colorado officials failed to turn in signatures (and one other Representative resigned for what she claimed was other reasons).

Garcia's was considered the most serious of the recall threats, as he represents the district that former Senator Angela Giron (D) was in for her 2013 recall.

One of the articles notes that the reasons more signatures weren't handed in was because they worried about "doxxing" of the signers, though another claim that it is because "Colorado law would have prevented those people from signing on for any future recall effort against Garcia." This doesn't sound accurate, but perhaps there is something else to the law.

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