Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Colorado: Williamsburg Mayor resigns before recall vote

Mayor Jerry Farringer, who is facing a recall over embezzlement claims following a vote to vacate a dead-end alley owned by the town that was then given to neighboring property owners, resigned on October 18 before the vote.

Trustees Robert Busetti and Forrest Borre are still facing a recall effort. Farringer allegedly signed the document before he was sworn in. The recall is a two step (vote up or down on whether to remove the officials, then select a replacement). Busetti's replacement race is between Barbara Cameron and Michael Pearcey. Borre would be replaced by Vikki Covington.

Trustee Eva Mares is one of the leaders of the recall effort. Trustee Steven Ricotta, who is married to the town clerk who approved the petitions, is allegedly a potential beneficiary of the property vote, is up for a regular election that day. The elected officials had suggest that jealous over term length (Mares and Ricotta have only 2 year terms, the rest have 4 year terms) is a motivating factor for the recall.

Update: Busetti and Borre both survived the recall vote on November 6. Busetti 101-126, and Borre 102-127.

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