Friday, October 26, 2018

Canada: British Columbia government to consider legislation banning corporate and union donations to recall campaigns

The current B.C. law has no spending restrictions on recalls, so this will put the same restrictions as exist for general elections ($1200 donation limit, not union or corporate donations). This ould take place just before the MLAs who won off in May 2017 can face recall efforts. Three of them, Rich Coleman, Darryl Piecas and Attorney General David Eby are all facing recall efforts.

Wisconsin's recall law had a similar disparity between regular campaign finance laws and those affecting recalls. Washington State has a similar law going the other - a much tighter restriction on donations.

The piece also mentions that there have been 26 recall petitions in B.C. history. Six submitted signatures and five of those failed. A recall effort against MLA Paul Reitsma (NDP) in 1999 had enough signatures, but he resigned before verification.

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