Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Maine: Third Waterville official facing petitions

Councilor Jackie DuPoint (D) is the third official to face a recall effort, following Mayor Nick Isgro (R) and John O'Donnell (D).

The leaders of the recall effort are not DuPont's constituents, but they can take out petitions. DuPont is facing re-election in November, so the impact would be minimal at best. One of the leaders of the recall effort ran a failed race for Mayor in 2011 as a Republican and is a supporter of the Mayor.

Presumably, the recall may have more to do with a strategy of impacting the recall effort against the mayor (there is a claim that DuPont should have stopped people from knocking on doors looking for signatures). Petitioners would need 101 signatures by May 29, though the recall could not be on the June 12 ballot.

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