Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Louisiana: Jefferson Parish President recall effort loses second effort in court to allow signature gathering 100 feet from ballot box

Louisiana District Court Judge Stephen Enright Jr. has rejected an attempt to block the enforcement of a rule preventing signature gathering from any closer than 600 feet from the ballot box. This is in the recall attempt against Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni. The recall proponents argue that Louisiana Supreme Court law would allow signature gathering up to 100 feet from voting sites (this would be for the December 10 runoff for the Senate). Here's the Louisiana Supreme Court case, State v. Schirmer, that holds that the 600 feet limit can be overbroad for recall petition gathers.

Petitioners need 90,527 signatures. Yenni is accused of sexting with a 17-year old high school student (this was back when he was Kenner's mayor).

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