Tuesday, November 8, 2016

14 Recalls on Election Day; Several jurisdictions look to change their recall law

Edit: I added another recall in Arkansas:

While the Presidency/Senate/Marijuana legalization/Plastic Bags Bans votes may be top of mind on Election Day, we still have a number of recalls going on. By my count, there are 14 (edit added) recalls today, plus five others later in the month. There are also a few jurisdictions looking to edit their recall ordinances, though I don't see anyone voting on whether to adopt a new recall law.

There is every chance I'm missing some key recalls today -- it always happens. In 2011, there were 30. In 2012, we had 22 recalls on Election Day. In 2014 we had 31. What explains the drop-off? Probably Michigan. I only see two Michigan recalls on ballot here. In 2014, 26 of the 31 recalls were in Michigan.

Two other events of interest:

In Wisconsin, State Senator Jennifer Shilling is facing ex-State Senator Dan Kapanke. This is a re-run of the 2011 recall, where Shilling knocked out Kapanke.

In Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, there has been a debate over whether signatures can be collected 100 feet from the polling place. The AG is stating that petitioners have to be 600 feet away, making their jobs much harder.

Earle Mayor

Hartford Mayor

Humphrey Mayor

Hughes Mayor


Calaveras County Supervisor

Platte County -- Two School Board Members


Franklin County Commissioner

Minneapolis Mayor

Lowell Mayor

New Buffalo Mayor


Hitchcock County Assessor

North Carolina:

Tobaccoville Mayor


Windcrest Mayor Pro Tem


Two Peru Selectmen (on November 18)


Three Paris Councilmembers (November 22)

Changes to recall law:
California: San Diego 

Connecticut: Westerly

Texas: Bastrop

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