Monday, March 21, 2016

Oregon: Senate President now facing petitions

Senate President Peter Courtney (D) is facing an attempted recall by Matt Geiger, who lost the race for the House District 22 two years ago, and just dropped an independent bid for the same seat. State Rep. Julie Parrish is listed as an authorized agent of the recall, though she says that was just a favor to Geiger.

Different issues are cited here -- one on a bill that bans the sale of electricity produced by coal, the other on an upcoming initiative dedicating a portion of the Oregon Lottery to be dedicated to veterans programs -- some legislators wanted it to be 3%, it's now at 1.5% and going to the voters.

Petitioners would need 4760 valids in 90 days. If the recall succeeds, a Democrat would be appointed to replace Courtney (Oregon doesn't have a replaced race). They've already raised $5000 from a lumber company.

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