Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Jersey: Gannet newspapers call for Governor Chris Christie to resign or be recalled

Christie's endorsement of Donald Trump for the Republican nomination seemed to be the big moment here. Here's an overview of NJ recalls, noting that Roosevelt Mayor Neil Marko may be the last removed official back in 2006.

The hurdles here are very significant -- here's an old post on it.


  1. From my very brief research, it seems that you are the recall guru. Surely there seems to be overwhelming support for a recall of Christie. Although the task is monumental, it does seem to have participation of the press and of Republican congressional representatives in NJ. What is your expert opinion?

  2. I wrote an article and will hopefully have it placed some where. However, this post from 2 years ago is the basic point -- it is very, very unlikely that they can get a recall on the ballot.


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