Thursday, December 17, 2015

Texas: Lake Dallas recall fight includes push for resignations

In addition to the petitions handed in against councilman Steve Forgey, they have also tried to get the resignations of Mayor Mike McCaleb and April Estrada, both of whom are up for a vote in May. The committee also tried to get the recall of Andi Nolan, but removed her name.

Forgey wrote on Facebook that if the committee send $100,000 to Lake Dallas, he'd resign, as that $100,000 will cover the election costs.\

The issue seems to be the council's attempt to remove Julie Mathews from office in June, on her first day as an official. They claim that Mathews has "waged personal and malicious attacks" on the government for two years. That attempt is still in court. Right after the court battle, then-Mayor Tony Marino resigned, and then the Police Chief stepped down as city manager.

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