Sunday, December 6, 2015

California: Article on rarity of Yorba Linda recalls/current efforts against Water District directors

Jeff Decker, a candidate in the only recall to get on the Yorba Linda ballot (the attempts to recall Councilmen Tom Lindsey and Craig Young in 2014) is now co-leading the Yorba Linda Taxpayer Association, which is looking to recall members of the Water District. They have filed a writ of mandate (with 5520 signatures --- they need 2157) seeking a referendum on a rate increase, though the directors voted it down 5-0, claiming that only an initiative could be used tp recall (the difference will be getting more signatures).

Petitioners would need about 9000 signatures for each member, though it is not clear yet who would be targeted (two members face a 2016 election, three have terms running through 2018).

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