Wednesday, November 4, 2015

California: Selma and Golden Plains School Board members ousted

We got one story with results from two different cities: Selma School Board Members John Lorona (66-34%), Roger Orosco (59-41%), and Gilbert Lopez (59-41%) were all kicked out over their vote to remove the Superintendent. They were replaced by Mark Falcon, Andy Montijo and Sara Rodriguez.

Golden Plains school board members Richard Gonzalez (77-22%), Luis Ramirez (74-25%) and Maria Gomez (77-23%) were removed after voting to end a Superintendent's contract. They were replaced by Thomas Fairless, Sal Parra and Leticia Fernandez.

There was a difference in how the people voted in the two cities. Golden Plains had an at large vote, while Selma was only by district.

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