Sunday, November 1, 2015

California: Lake Forest City Council members facing petitions

Lake Forest Mayor Scott Voights and councilmen Andrew Hamilton and Dwight Robinson are facing petitions over campaign donations by real estate developers (sounds like it was about $85K to different PACs). The council later approval a residential project by the same developers and especially the construction of new medians which petitioners are claiming are too wide and create a safety hazard.

Petitioners need 7882 signatures (20 % of registereds) in 120 days. The city claims that the recall would cost about $160K to $250K.


  1. The Lake Forest City Mayor, Voights and 2 councilmen, Andrew Hamilton and Dwight Robinson are proving to be more damaging to the city and its citizens than the meritorious allegations for which the recall petition is based.
    The "Gang of 3" these men are often referred- Failed to file a response answering to the allegations.
    Instead, these men have ignored the people of Lake Forest, and actively interfered with the recall petition by intimidating those who are circulating it and those who wish to sign the petition.
    These men support (They FAILED to publicly denounce it) a massive mailer containing a character assassination against a fellow councilman along with a racist and discriminatory reference to his name because of his Iranian ethnicity. Instead of being accountable, or provide a thread of transparency and answer to the charges the recall is based, they simply create an uncivilized diversion of mud slinging.

    Pursuant to California Law, American citizens have the right to voice concerns, when elected officials continuously ignore the public, a recall is the only option to corruption, and collusion, just to name a couple of the issues involved with these three. It appears that they believe they can simply attack another and finagle their way out of a recall.
    Scott Voights, Andrew Hamilton and Dwight Robinson show NO respect to the people of the city they are supposed to be serve. Pathetic!

  2. Senior Vice President of Development Ramsey Meiser at Forest City explains that even if all goes swimmingly next month at the zoning hearing, architectural plans will still need to be finalized, forest city


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