Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ohio: Signature submitted against Cleveland mayor has98% rejection rate

The recall effort against Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson seemed to set a record for failure, with more than 98% of signatures submitted being thrown out. Petitioners handed in 12887 (they claimed to have handed in 13500) and they needed 12025. Only 260 of them were validated. 9600 signatures were tossed out because the petitioners failed to sign a part of the form attesting to the number of people they witnessed signing. Another 1980 were kick out due to inaccuracies. The remaining 1034 didn't vote in the November 2013 election (a requirement under the law).

Petitioners now have 20 days to make up the difference. The signers had to have voted in the November 2013 election. Here's a look at Cleveland's law compared to some other mid-western cities.

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