Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hawaii: State Representative party flip leads to renewed calls for recall law

Republican State Representative Aaron Johanson, the House Minority Leader, switched to the Democrats (the Democrats have a 44-7 edge).  Mike Palcic, who works for the state's only Republican State Senator, is the leader of Citizens for Recall. Hawaii only has a recall for local offices, not state level.

Of note:

In 1985, the Democratic Party of Hawaii successfully launched recall elections against three members of the Honolulu City Council who switched from the Democratic Party to the GOP, to align themselves with the late Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi, who was then a Republican. The three councilmen - Toraki Matsumoto, Rudy Pacarro and George Akahane - were defeated in the recall elections by Democrats Donna Mercado Kim, Arnold Morgado and Randy Iwase.

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