Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Canada: Alberta Wildrose Party members facing quasi-recall petitions

A giant party-jumping effort nine y members of the Wildrose Party to the Progressive Conservatives has led to call for recalls. Alberta doesn't have a recall law (only British Columbia has the law), but the Wildrose Party was a big prominent of adding just such a provision. Recall supporters are hoping to gather enough signatures to push for officials to feel obliged to resign and face a rerun.

Former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith is the big target, and the Alberta's Deputy Mayor Allan Hunter is pushing for a quasi-recall of MLA Rob Anderson, Hunter is trying to get 6,000 signatures in 3 months (20%). The Wildrose Party were big supporters of the recall, a position Anderson says he still holds.

Of particular interest is this fact:

Alberta briefly had recall provisions in 1936, but the Social Credit regime repealed the legislation a year after passing it when then Premier William Aberhart was threatened with the prospect of losing his seat.

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