Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Louisiana: Absentee ballot fraud alleged in Port Allen Mayoral replacement race

Looks like there is some more trouble in Port Allen. In the race to replace Mayor Deedy Slaughter (who was recalled in November, though she is on the ballot for the replacement), the Sheriff's office is looking into allegations that signatures were fraudulently submitted in the early mail-in ballot portion -- sounds like this is a version of the good old fashion absentee ballot fraud that Professor Rick Hasen has repeatedly noted.

The precipitating issue that a large number of people faxed in their absentee requests. There is allegations that Slaughter's supporters are responsible for at least one of the fraudulent ballots.

The race has very high turnout -- the second highest in early voting in the city's history (the first was in the November recall). 36% of voters have already voted.

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