Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Colorado: Colorado Springs' Chart School Board President recall attempt thwarted by lack of quorum

An attempt to recall the STAR Academy (Space, Technology and Arts) school board president Al Loma failed because only half the members of the board showed up -- and no follow up meeting was rescheduled.  
Petitioners claim they have 138 valid signatures (30% of eligible parents) -- petitioners need 115 (25%). 
Lots of details on the problems, starting with the fact that Loma, two months prior to losing his seat on the local school board.
The STAR board has been riddled with conflict ever since. One bone of contention is the school's contract for janitorial services. Clients from an addiction recovery program that Loma runs clean both STAR Academy locations, but parents and some board members say the work isn't sufficient and want the contract put up for bid again.
Another issue is that Loma wants the board to amend its bylaws to have members appointed by the board, not elected by the school community.

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