Thursday, February 6, 2014

California: Dunsmuir council recall qualifies for June 3rd ballot

Petitioners have submitted enough signatures to get a recall on the ballot against Dunsmuir Councilor Leslie Wilde. The recall will take place on June 3 (primary day). They handed in 339, verified 290, needed 281.

Wilde claimed that the recall was because the lead petitioner wanted to be appointed to city council seat that Wilde holds. Petitioners haven't spelled out detailed reasons for the recall:

Proponents say in their written reasons for recall that Wilde placed “her personal agenda and special interests above the good of the community.” They allege she defames citizens who disagree with her, and bars their participation in city committees.
“Demanding that other council members support her special interests and when they refuse her, she writes letters to censure them or threatens to join lawsuits against them.
Wilde wrote, “Claims made by proponents for the recall include bogus charges that I was appointed against the will of the voters, that I have special interests they do not bother to name, and that I demand fellow council members vote with me or else face censure.”

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