Monday, December 23, 2013

Oregon: Rainer Council recall leads to talk of change

The removal of Rainer Councilwoman Judith Taylor last week is leading to one city councilman claiming that recalls are too easy and pushing for a malfeasance standard recall.

This part is a nice counterpoint:
Rainier Senior Center Board President Bill Dias, who filed the recall petition against Taylor, agrees that officials shouldn’t be removed over policy decisions or honest disagreements. Nevertheless, Taylor’s behavior went too far, he said Friday. 
“Just because they are in office they should no be able to get away with whatever they want. They should not be allowed to bully people at will. It’s not their job.
 In addition, Dias said, “the voters put them in there and they should be able to throw them out. If you don’t want a person acting in that fashion, you shouldn’t have to wait for another two or three years” until a regular election comes up.

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