Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Michigan: Genesee Board tosses out sixth petition this month

The Genesee County Board of Elections has rejected another recall petition -- the sixth rejection this month. This one, the second filing against Gaines Supervisor Chuck Melki, was rejected by a 2-1 vote on a failure to meet the clear and factual standards.

The issue was Melki's motion to add "police millage" to a vote on November 5. Melki argued that the language was misleading, as he only made a motion, but did not add it by himself (that took a vote of the board).

The Board also rejected petitions against Township Clerk Michael Dowler and Treasurer Diane Hyrman (both had two petitions filed). Note that Genesee is where Judge Joseph Farah tossed out an approval of recall language against County Commissioner Pegge Adams.

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