Monday, January 28, 2013

Texas: El Paso City Council tries to gut recall law

Following the failed recall attempts against the Mayor and City Council, El Paso has a city council is considering changes to the charter, and the recall law. Essentially, they are taking a two pronged approach to drive a stake through the heart of the recall.

The big one (though not mentioned in the article) is an attempt to turn the city into a malfeasance standard (or  judicial recall) jurisdiction:
In specifying the reasons for a recall and removal on the petition, the petition shall set forth distinctly and specifically grounds showing or tending to show some ground of incompetency or unfitness for or misconduct or malfeasance in the office
Second propose change will also potentially drastically limit recalls. They are proposing changing the signature requirements from 20% of turnout to a percentage of total registered voters (oddly, they do not specify the number).

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