Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Colorado: Embattled Teller County Clerk & Recorder facing bi-partisan recall effort

The Republican Party Central Committee has started a recall against Teller County's Clerk & Recorder J. J. Jamison. The recall is apparently a bi-partisan effort, as the chairman of the county Democratic Party is a member of the recall committee.

Jamison is a Republican, but the chairman of Republican Party is not dodging the issue:
“J.J. was elected through the party so I have a responsibility to the party and the county,” (Pete) LaBarre said. “It's purely business. But we all have a responsibility to ensure that elected officials are doing what they are supposed to be doing.”
Petitioners would need 25% of turnout.

Jamison has been heavily criticized by Secretary of State Scott Gessler, including in a written report by Gessler's office. See this article and note this as well:
After a series of mishaps during the primary, Jamison was removed from her duties as the election official. As a result, November's general election was handled by the Secretary's representatives as well as Jamison's deputies, Krystal Brown and Stephanie Fisher.

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