Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Georgia: Fayette County Board of Education member facing recall threat

Fayette County Board of Education member Bob Todd is facing a recall threat for criticizing the school superintendent's leadership and allegedly talking about firing the superintendent (which occurred earlier this year, with a $200K termination package). The leader of the recall would like to expand the effort to all school board members, though one of the other members needs to hit the 180 day limit before a recall can be initiated.

Note that Georgia is a judicial recall state, requiring cause:
The recall of an elected official in Georgia is a three-step process, the first of which is to apply for a recall petition, to name a chairperson, cite a reason for the recall efforts and provide the signatures of 100 people who were registered to vote in the preceding election.
Recall efforts in Georgia must fall under at least one of five categories. \
If the application is found sufficient by the elections office, the recall petition can go forward and will require the signatures of 30 percent of the active voters registered and eligible to vote in the preceding election. In Fayette County, that number will require more than 21,000 signatures. Those signatures must be obtained within 45 days of the time the petition was issued. If found sufficient, it will trigger a recall election.

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