Thursday, October 18, 2012

California: Lake Elsinore recall leader sentenced

The nominal leader of the failed recall against Lake Elsinore city councilman Thomas Buckley was recently convicted of conspiracy to commit campaign fraud in the recall effort and sentenced to three years probation.

Enelida Caron agreed to testify against Michael Knight (her former employer) who is alleged to have concealed Knight’s role in orchestrating and financing the campaign.

The effort led to a February 2010 election, in which voters decided to keep Buckley in office. He lost his bid for another term in November 2010 in the regular City Council election, however.

Knight pled guilty to misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to commit a crime and falsifying campaign documents and received a 90 day sentence. Knight was facing up to 9 years.

According to Buckley, Knight targeted him for opposing allowing live performances at Knight's Trevi Entertainment.

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