Wednesday, March 28, 2012

US Virgin Island's First Recall Election ever certified for the ballot -- four members of the Board of Elections

Looks like the U.S. Virgin Islands will have its first recall election ever, as the Supervisor of the Elections has certified the petitions against four members of the St. Croix District Board of Elections. The four board members, Ana L. "Anita" Davila, Carmen Golden, Lisa Harris-Moorhead and Dodson James, were all elected in 2008. Petitioners failed to get signatures for the original target of the recall,  Chairman Rupert Ross, and for board member Raymond Williams. Recall will cost an estimated $350,000. Recall should be held within 30-60 days.

There is still a disagreement over how many signatures were required (each voter was able to cast three votes) but the Attorney General has certified the lower number. The supervisor said his reading of the law would have required a much higher number. Here's the numbers per person.

Davila: 1,777 signatures needed, 2,379 signatures validated out of 2,894 turned in.

Golden: 1,839 needed, 2,383 validated out of 2,895.

Harris-Moorhead: 1,543 needed, 2,446 out of 2,943 validated.

James: 2,124 needed, 2,415 out of 2,866 validated.

Ross: 2,858 needed, 2,452 out of 2,913 validated.

Williams: 2,707 needed, 2,452 out of 2,876 validated.

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