Thursday, March 29, 2012

Louisiana: Governor and House Speaker face recall threats for education bill

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and House Speaker Chuck Kleckley have become targets of recall efforts from a number of veteran teachers based on Jindal's proposed public education revamp, which looks "to end teacher tenure as it is currently structured and move taxpayer dollars from public education into subsidies to send children attending failed public schools to private and parochial schools."

The petitioners face an incredibly large hurdle to get on the ballot -- Louisiana has arguably the hardest recall provisions of any state: One-third of registered voters in 180 days -- that's more than was needed to get the Gray Davis one on the ballot. Same for the state legislature. Here's an article I wrote on the Louisiana law (which, bizarrely, has a by-line and picture of the op-ed editor though my byline is on bottom).

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