Sunday, December 25, 2011

Virgin Island: Petition started to recall Chairman of St. Croix Board of Elections and Virgin Island Joint Board of Elections

Rupert Ross Jr., the Chairman of both the Virgin Island Joint Board of Elections and St. Criox Board of Elections is facing a recall petition,  because the meeting agendas "do not allow for public comment," fails to present all communications addressed to him in his role as chair, fails to follow due process procedures when addressing unethical conduct and "misrepresented the Election Board's rules and regulations on radio airwaves, when addressing the issue of provisional ballots in the St. Croix District."
Petitioners have 60 days to gather 50% of the turnout for the last election. A bit strange is that there because there were five candidates for three sports, each voter was allowed to cast three votes. So, the board doesn't seem to have a number of signatures yet.

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