Monday, December 12, 2011

California: Would Oakland be better off if it boots Mayor Quan?

Columnist questions the point of the Oakland recall

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  1. For Immediate Release Press Contact: Johnny K. Wang
    January 26, 2012 415-366-0404

    Recall Jean Quan Now Petition Cleared By Oakland City Clerk to Begin Gathering Signatures.
    Oakland-At 3:45pm on January 24, 2012, the Oakland City Clerk approved the second petition to recall Mayor Jean Quan. The Committee to Recall Jean Quan Now, has announced they will begin gathering signatures immediately.
    Daphne McCullough, a resident of North Oakland, said, "Mayor Jean Quan's indecisiveness makes her and Oakland look incompetent. We need a mayor that can make difficult decisions on pressing issues for the good of Oakland. As mayor I think she is over her head."
    The committee has 160 days, until July 2, 2012, to gather valid signatures from 19,811 registered voters. They are planning on using a combination of volunteer and paid signature gatherers to obtain these signatures. To insure the petition can withstand legal challenges, the committee has retained The Sutton Law Firm, which drafted the petition.
    Local activist Ken Ott said, "I am very dissatisfied with Mayor Quan's mishandling of recent events regarding Occupy, such that Oakland was made the laughingstock of national and international news in 2011. OPD and civilians alike were unnecessarily hurt."
    The Committee to Recall Jean Quan Now is a group of local residents and business owners frustrated with the mismanagement and lack of direction by Jean Quan. Visit for more information.



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