Friday, October 28, 2011

Wisconsin: Daily Kos on proposed notarization requirements for petitions

The Daily Kos' David Nir highlights, and heavily criticizes, a key point in the latest bill designed to revise the recall process. The bill would require notarization of the petitions, which is on top of the fact that it already requires certification.

As I've mentioned before, the Brooklynite in me is never surprised with attempts by sitting officials to prevent other from getting on the ballot. The ratcheting up of ballot requirements always has to be seen as part of an "incumbent protection plan." In this case, as Nir points out, it does appear to be a Republican v. Democrat issue. But the long term view of it should disturb some of the more ballot-issue friendly Republicans. Those rules can and will be used against opponents of whoever is in office, be it a Democrat, Republican or other.

This actually will only be slight nuisance to the Democrat/union efforts to get a recall of Walker or other Republican officials on the ballot. The Democrats and unions are well versed in election law, and will easily be able to get all their ducks in a row. Instead, it will serve as a barrier for the fully volunteer local efforts at recalls.

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