Friday, October 28, 2011

Massachusetts: Signs posted announcing upcoming recall campaign in Templeton

No petitions have been taken out, but like an earlier trailer to a movie, signs are popping up saying a recall is coming in Templeton. No word on the stars, but the early focus is a trio of selectmen. According to the report, the selectmen voted for a few changes:

The changes include hiring three new law firms to replace the town counsel, Kopelman & Paige of Boston, and eliminating long-term town employees or “cost-effective vendors” without cause — a thinly veiled reference to the firing of Mrs. Skelton and the change of law firms. The website also questions why some meetings are run differently from others, why only three members of the Board of Selectmen are given important information and whether other people’s jobs are at risk in town.

Mrs. Skelton was fired at the end of a contentious meeting on Oct. 11, with Mrs. Farrell and Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Bennett voting in favor of the firing and Selectmen Robert Columbus and Christopher Stewart opposed. 

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