Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recall Review: Wisconsin's primaries; Texas, Michigan Fundraising and Arizona

Wisconsin: Wise, if unintended, tactical move? Two of the three recalls scheduled to take place against Democratic Senators look like they will have multiple Republican challengers, which will result in a primary. This changes the timing of those elections -- the primary would take place on July 12 and the General Election on August 9th. This could prove very fortuitous for the Republicans. Voter turnout will probably be high for what will almost feel like a state-wide vote on July 12. But a month later the anger will have already crested, and turnout will probably drop. Furthermore, if the Democrats take control of the Senate, the anger and motivation may shift to the Republican voters. Lower turnout frequently helps out the pro-recall side. Of course, a terrible candidate winning the primary or bruising primary battle could hurt the party, but there are clear potential benefits for the Republicans in the primary.

Wisconsin: Costs of Recall weighing on County Clerks

Texas: Saturday's recall (and removal) of 3 Cleveland council members still being fought over

Michigan: Republican Party already starting fundraising to defend Snyder from a recall

Arizona: More on the Pearce Recall Attempt -- I should have an op-ed out about that soon

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