Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recall Review: Wisconsin, Michigan Gov, Tennesse, Mass, NM and the Philippines

Wisconsin: Two of the three outstanding recall efforts seem to sputter to a close; Losing Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett making noises about running in a recall against Gov. Walker; Editorial on Recall Costs; Lower house members are considering taking the free shot and running in recall campaigns;  Refusal to combine petitions with scandal-tarred petitioner prevented minority leader recall from hitting the signature bar; Some more thoughts on the recalls with fundraising data

Michigan: Long story on approval of language for Gov. Snyder recall petitions; Group would need more than 800K signatures to get on the ballot

Tennessee: Defamation suit from successful 2009 Nashville City Council recall

Massachusetts: Winchendon Board Selectman loses bid to regain seat lost in December recall

New Mexico: State Supreme Court tosses out recall attempt against School Board Member due to insufficient evidence

Philippines: Mayor Killed, suspicion focused on role in possible recall race for Governor

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