Sunday, April 24, 2011

Recall Review: Wisconsin (and Milwaukee), California, Texas, Arizona and Colorado

I will be out again for a few days, though I'll get into the historic nature of Wisconsin once I get back -- here's some links:

Wisconsin: Continues to dominate the news, with costs an issue, a state rep announcing that he's running for one seat. Here's talk of a 2012 Gubernatorial recall 

Wisconsin: Recall of Milwaukee Alderman Witkowiak might be off, as the board struck 13 names from petitions, leaving the proponents 8 short. Looks like this one will go to the courts.

California: Forum on City Council recall in Hercules

California: $240K spent on recalls by Montebello in the last three years

Texas: Former Mayors release letter opposing mayoral/city council recall in College Station

Arizona: Chairman of the Hualapai Tribe removed by recall, issue was profit-sharing payments

Arizona: Proposed recall of US Senator Kyl fizzles

Colorado: Recall date set for Williamsburg Mayor

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