Thursday, April 28, 2011

9th Recall Petition filed in Wisconsin/Previous two time recall participants

The Democrats have gotten signatures in against the 6th Republican Senator, versus three Democrats. The Democrats also appear to have a head start on fundraising.

Just for some perspective on how unusual this event is, the only time one legislative session has had as many as three recalls was California in 1995. Nationwide, there has not even been a decade that saw more than six recalls of state legislators (that was the 1990s).

And, if it gets on the ballot Jim Holperin will be the first legislator to face two recalls as a state legislator. However, there is some precedent that might comfort Holperin. California Senator James Owens, the second state legislator to face recall way back in 1913 (and the first to survive a vote), previously survived a recall when he was serving as a city councilman. 

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