Monday, March 28, 2011

Biggest recall drubbing ever? Pima County Assessor had worse recall result than Miami Mayor's 12%

Miami has moved on to the next stage in its recall, but I'm still looking for recalls with a bigger vote (for or against) than the mayoral one. Bell, California is one obvious example. But here's another --  Alan Lang, Pima, Arizona County Assessor who was recalled in 1994 for a host of misdeeds.According to the Tucson Weekly, Lang was named worst boss in America by a tabloid TV show.
Lang only received 7.5% of the vote, according to the good people at the Pima County Elections, this after winning election in 1992 with 56.8 percent of the vote. However, it should be noted that the recall apparently took place on Election Day itself, which certainly would have skewed turnout (especially against a Democrat running in one of the biggest Republican years). Plus, Arizona's recall  is run more like a race (with Lang on the ballot) than in other states. Lang finished dead last out of the 6 candidates. Give that recall an asterisk.
So, Alvarez did better than the "worst boss in America." But not that much better.

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