Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Business: Wisconsin, Ireland, India and Denver School Board

Wisconsin: Recall efforts are slowing, with one almost ready for handing in. New challengers emerges in one of the Wisconsin seats

Wisconsin: Milwaukee Alderman looking to signature fight to escape recall

Ireland: talking about recalls

India: State looking to adopt recalls

Colorado: Denver School Board President recall --  opponents claim they have the signatures, cost of $100,000 cited for possible election

Nebraska: City Councilman facing recall

Mass: Challengers emerging in Belchertown

North Carolina: Bill allowing Topsail to recall Mayor/City Council passes House, moves on to Senate

Washington: San Juan Island recall of school board fails, due to not meeting the factual or legal requirements for the recall.

Wisconsin History: In 1954, a campaign to recall Senator Joe McCarthy got 335,000 signatures


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