Thursday, February 2, 2023

California: Downey Councilmember ousted in recall vote

Downey Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem Catherine Alvarez was blown out in the recall ellection 2587-318 (though more votes may come in). The recall is reputed to be over Alvarez's failure to disclose her criminal history, where she was arrested for welfare fraud and shoplifting. The recall was backed by leaders of both parties.

Petitioners handed in 4700 signatures and 3881 were found valid. They needed 3471. Notably, at the moment more people signed the petitions than voted.  

Here was a good explainer of the recall effort by Joe Brizzolara from the Downey Patriot, who has been all over this recall effort for years.  

This was the second effort against Alvarez  The first petitions came 35 signatures short of qualifying (Petitioners handed in 4,016 signatures and need 3454 valids). 

Update: Here's a look at the replacement race timeline (seems like it will stay open till November).

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