Sunday, October 30, 2022

California: Redondo Beach Councilmember overwhelming survives recall vote

Redondo Beach City Councilmember Zein Obagi Jr. has survived a recall vote, with 72% rejecting the recall vote (872-2222), Turnout was the highest for a special since 2007.

The recall seems to be about a push to increase the number of cannabis dispensaries, and an initiative was taken on the same day for an increase (that lost by 75%). The parent company of Catalyst Cannabis Co. is reported to have spent $309,188 on the recall.

However, petitioners claimed the recall was about his support for affordable housing and a homeless pallet shelter in his district, as well as claims of misconduct by the state bar. There was also a claim that Obagi wanted to disband the fire department. Petitioners got 2452 valids and needed about 2250.

The special is supposed to cost $270,000 (or $240,000 if explanatory text is online only). If it was on the general election day, it was set to cost $37,000.

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