Wednesday, February 9, 2022

California: Shasta County Supervisor ousted in recall vote

Shasta County Supervisor Leonard Moty was ousted in a recall vote 4885-3867, with Happy Valley School Board Member Tim Garman currently leading the replacement vote over Dale Ball by 126 votes. 

The recall has garnered quite a big of attention, as it is one of the few to succeed over debates over restrictions to fight the Covid pandemic. The petitioners have also been accused of being secessionists and  there is also a claim that the recall proponents have copied their logo from the QAnon logo. Here's a detailed look at the recall from a Moty supporter who has provided one of the few on the ground looks at the issues.

Petitioners failed to garner enough signatures for the recall of Mary Rickert, Joe Chimenti and Les Baugh, though both Chimenti and Baugh are not running for reelection in June.

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