Friday, January 29, 2021

Oklahoma: Firm pushing McAlester Mayor and Council members recall hit with $4M default judgment

Forum Consulting Group, which was involved in a recall effort against McAlester Mayor John Browne and City Councilmembers Cully Stevens, James Brown and Zach Prichard, has been hit with a $4 million libel and slander default judgement by a Garvin County judge.

The judgments is in favor of Pauls Valley Councilmember Patrick Grimmett, who is also a Pauls Valley General Hospital trustee. The issue was the posting of a video falsely claiming abuse and adultery. 

The recall effort against the McAlester officials was over their vote to require protective face covering law to combat coronavirus pandemic. 

Browne has since said that he will try to remove a $100 fine provision from the law that requires faces to be covered in public settings in order to fight the pandemic. 

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