Thursday, May 7, 2020

California: El Rancho School Board recall scheduled for June 2

The recall vote against El Rancho School Board  member Leeanne Ibarra and resigned President Jose Lara will take place on June 2, with ballots already mailed out.

Despite Lara's resignation, he will still be on the ballot.

Petitioners handed in about 9700 signatures for each. They got 7659 for Lara and 7623 for Ibarra. They needed 6509 signatures to get on the ballot.

The El Rancho Federation of Teachers supported the recall effort. The issues include questions over suspected bond mismanagement, rehiring of a construction company and principal firing and reassignment. The recall effort allegedly cost only $7000 to mount.

Joe Rivera and Esther Mejia are running in the election.

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