Sunday, April 26, 2020

California: City of Industry Councilman recall scheduled for July 21

A recall election is scheduled against City of Industry Councilman Abraham Cruz on July 21, which is the city's first recall ever. Petitioners got 45 signatures, which was more than 1/3 of registered voters. The City of Industry rarely has elections and Cruz, who was appointed to his seat and has never been on the ballot.

Planning Commissioner Michael Greubel started the recall effort over Cruz allegedly assisting others in a lawsuit against the city. The lawsuit is over a solar farm which has been shut down and there is an attempt to restart it. Cruz claims the recall is being brought after he attempted to shine a light on a corruption suit. He was censured by the city council over a meeting with the former city manager, a former employee and a former state Senator.

Cruz has said that he will certainly get voted out and will be evicted due to the control of the town by one family.

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