Thursday, April 4, 2019

New Mexico: Aztec Mayor and two Commissioners face recall push over opposition to gun rights bill

Mayor Victor Snover and Commissioners Rosalyn Fry and Mark Lewis are facing recall efforts over their vote against a gun rights resolution (the Second Amendment Preservation City Resolution).

Since New Mexico is a malfeasance standard/judicial recall state, a district judge would have to find that committed a "for cause" action --- which is unlikely from this story at least. If the judge did greenlight it, petitioners would need the signatures of 20% of the average number of turnout over the last four regular municipal elections (I've never seen that average used). The recall would also require that the vote in favor of the recall is higher than the vote total that elected the official.

It would mean 260 for Snover, 193 for Fry and 196 for Lewis.

In 2000, three commissioners faced a recall, though they all defeated the effort. The election (which was a special in December 2000) had one of the highest voter turnouts in city history.

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